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Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin risotto is a typical risotto of autumn and Italian tradition. The delicate flavor of the pumpkin goes perfectly with the savoriness of scamorza cheese giving this risotto a unique flavor and everything to try.

Bread Dumplings

The bread dumplings are a first course of recycling, to be made with the stale bread that is left over at home. They can be seasoned with melted butter or smoked ricotta cheese or with a Mediterranean cork based on cherry tomatoes and basil.


The Gubana is a typical Friulian cake of the periods of great festivities, Christmas, Easter, weddings and village festivals. It is a cake based on leavened dough with a filling of dry biscuits and dried fruit, all embellished with grappa or rum. As a cake of local origin it has spread throughout Friuli and throughout […]