Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin risotto is a typical risotto of autumn and Italian tradition. The delicate flavor of the pumpkin goes perfectly with the savoriness of scamorza cheese giving this risotto a unique flavor and everything to try.

The varieties of pumpkin indicated to prepare this risotto are many: they range from Marina di Chioggia (green peel, round shape and slightly hollowed at the top) to Hokkaido (red peel, pear-shaped and with an aftertaste of chestnut), not forgetting Mantovana, with an aromatic flavour and pulp that turns to yellow.


  • 320 gr of rice;
  • 320 gr of pumpkin pulp;
  • 1 l of vegetal broth glass of dry white wine;
  • 50 gr of smoked scamorza cheese;
  • 100 gr of ground parmesan cheese;
  • pepper.


To begin the preparation of the pumpkin risotto, remove the peel from the pumpkin and cut the flesh into brownise (small cubes). Cook it in a pan with just a few tablespoons of oil, leaving it slightly crunchy.

In a pan with high edges, fry the onion with some knob of butter. As soon as the onion starts to brown, toast the rice. The toasting lasts a few minutes, should be done over high heat and ends when the grain becomes nice and shiny. Stir the rice well during the roasting process and add salt at the end.

Blend with white wine over high heat. As soon as the alcohol from the wine has evaporated, lower the heat and add the broth, previously brought to a boil, until the rice is completely covered. Also add 3/4 of the previously cooked pumpkin cut into cubes.

From this moment the rice begins to cook, which varies according to the quality chosen. The advice is to use a superfine.

While the rice is cooking, stir from time to time and add the broth that gradually evaporates, so that it is never discovered.

When the rice is cooked, remove it from the heat. Add the remaining pumpkin, pepper, slices of scamorza cheese, another knob of butter and grated Parmesan cheese. Stir well until the risotto has taken on a nice creamy consistency.

Serve the pumpkin risotto all’onda, garnishing with fresh thyme and raw pumpkin cut into julienne.

Smoked Pens

A plate of quick pasta, with the seasoning of bacon and smoked scamorza cheese to prepare while cooking the pasta, ideal for a lunch break.


  • 320 g of penne rigate;
  • 300 g of milk;
  • 30 g of butter;
  • 20 g of flour;
  • 60 g of smoked scamorza cheese;
  • 80 g of sliced speck;
  • salt and pepper.


Bring plenty of water to the boil in a saucepan, salt it and lower the pasta.

In the meantime, melt vil butter over a low heat, add the flour and toast for a few seconds, stirring with a whisk.

Add the cold milk and continue cooking over medium heat, stirring with a whisk, until the béchamel sauce is quite fluid.

Incorporate the grated scamorza cheese and let it melt over very low heat, stirring.

Also add the speck and a tuft of parsley, both chopped. Adjust if necessary the flavour with salt and give character with a pepper mill.

Drain the pasta ad dente, add it to the cheese sauce, stir and serve.

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