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Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin risotto is a typical risotto of autumn and Italian tradition. The delicate flavor of the pumpkin goes perfectly with the savoriness of scamorza cheese giving this risotto a unique flavor and everything to try.

Nutella Roll

Nutella makes anything good and you could use it on practically every food. There is no better way to use the historic Ferrero product than by preparing the classic Nutella roll.

Lenten Husbands

Lenten Husbands are a typical Roman dessert prepared during Lent. Husbands are similar to small sandwiches with raisins, pine nuts and candied fruit inside.

Fried Rabbit

The rabbit, precious white meat, can be cooked in a thousand variations. One of these is the fried rabbit which, thanks to its crunchy shell, keeps the meat soft and juicy inside.

Bread Dumplings

The bread dumplings are a first course of recycling, to be made with the stale bread that is left over at home. They can be seasoned with melted butter or smoked ricotta cheese or with a Mediterranean cork based on cherry tomatoes and basil.

Lovers’ Ksses Dessert

Chocolate truffles enriched with the decorations you like the most, that’s what lovers’ kisses are: little temptations to enjoy with your Valentino, and then you know, one kiss leads to the other…


The Gubana is a typical Friulian cake of the periods of great festivities, Christmas, Easter, weddings and village festivals. It is a cake based on leavened dough with a filling of dry biscuits and dried fruit, all embellished with grappa or rum. As a cake of local origin it has spread throughout Friuli and throughout […]

Ravioli With Amatriciana Sauce

These ravioli with amatriciana sauce recall a typical first course of Italian cuisine. The tasty filling made with pecorino cheese, ricotta cheese, browned onion and guanciale goes well with the typical sauce, ideal to surprise guests and lovers of the classic version of the amatriciana.